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Perform on Stage This December


Get stage performances in major music shows and concerts this festive season. Show performance is a good way for you to make extra cash as an artist, and showcase your music to a large audience. It can also be very helpful when you’re in search of a record deal.

We can get you performance slots in top-notch events across the country like AY Live, Oga Madam, Osh bebe, Pepsi Rhythm unplugged, The headies, Soundcity MVP as stage openers and other events like Campus tours, Carnivals, big brands activations and so on.

You will also have the opportunity to perform to a large audience at major music festivals across the country which with no doubt will boost your fan base.

(Please note that we take a 20% commission fee from your show performance payout.)

Scroll down to watch videos of few of our artiste’s LIVE perfromance at shows we sourced for them.

How to Apply

This service is highly exclusive and we usually take in very few artists, You will have to take our eligibility test before we can take you in for the service. (Service fee is Applicable)

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