Influencer Marketing for your music or brand in Nigeria

Influencer Marketing is a powerful strategy that incorporates social media and content to build relationships with trusted people in the industry with huge number of following on social platforms and drive your music/brand’s message to a target audience. It is essentially delivering your music, message or product directly to the people who are already interested and engaged in the  industry.

According to recent research, 81 percent of artistes/brand who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective.

We will get you the right influencer for the kind of music you sing or for your product at a very pocket friendly price as we hold good relations with major influencers in the industry.

As regards your music, Influencers with huge number of following (i.e 800k or 1.2m followers and above) will be asked to create viral contents out of your single, Such content can be in form of a dance video, comedy skits or appraisal article.

We will also ensure utmost creativity and timely delivery at a very reduced price.

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