Date: 06 Aug 2022
Cat: Design, influencer marketing, Tiktok

Mini Tiktotk Influencer Campaign

Al Walser is a GRAMMY-winning artist, a singer/songwriter and a producer, Al Walser is the producer of the 2020 & 2017 GRAMMY®-Winning albums and a 2012 GRAMMY®-Nominated artist.

Al Walser released his new single “When they go Low” via Boomkit (A music distribution platform for African artists), his new release is a piece of Afrobeat-centric music with a rich blend of acoustic and soothing vocals.

Al Walser is bi-racial, born to an African mum and European dad hence his connection to African music, Post release of his first Afrobeat single, Al Walser wanted to test the waters of the African music industry with his single “When they go low” so we did a mini Tiktok influencer campaign for his single.

We started a challenge on Tiktok with the hashtag #WhenTheyGoChallenge, We got some Tiktok influencers like @yallmeetbernie (850k followers), Kanyin_mabel(270k followers), @austin.d.great (690k followers) and many more to kick start the challenge.  We worked with a tight budget but we still delivered awesomely. Check some videos and screen grabs from the campaign below.

Screen grabs from the campaign