The Nigerian radio industry couldn’t be less friendly
to most independent new artistes. However, that
doesn’t mean there isn’t some significant radio
airplay available to you if you know what you’re
doing. We live in an Era where everyone and their
grandma wants to be heard on radio and frankly

if your music is not played on commercial
radio, there’s a limit to your reach and your fan base
will be quite limited.
That said, one major mistake emerging artistes
make is trying to cover all grounds at once on a
limited budget. Except you have Major label money
behind you, getting your music on all Nigerian
Stations and getting everyday airplay is next to
impossible. So what do you do? You plan! Outlined
below is a plan to consider if you have the three
important ingredients necessary for getting your
songs played on radio.


Every day I get messages and mails from artistes
begging for radio promotion and when I ask them
what their plan and promo budget is, they become
deaf and dumb! The bitter truth is that in this
industry, Money answereth all things! You need to
get it out of your head that simply walking into a
radio station as an unknown act, dropping your CD
with the librarian or an On Air Personality, will get
your songs played. Don’t be surprised if your CD
ends up being covered up by dust on the shelves or
worse, ends up in the trash!
Before approaching any radio station for airplay, do
your homework. You need to find out the music
format of the radio station and know if your genre
and style blends with it or not! For example, trying
to get airplay on a station that plays only classic
R&B and Jazz, when your style is the typical Naija
Blend of Hip-Hop/Dance is foolishness.
Next is making a list of all the radio stations that
play your kind of music. Then spend time to actually
listen to the shows/programs and select the one
with good listenership and fan base.
Make a note of who the Presenters of those shows
are, listen up for their contacts on the social
networks, eg Twitter handle, Facebook ID etc. it will
also help if you make yourself a regular listener on
their shows, call in whenever you can, join the fan
page etc..what you are doing is creating a familiar
ground for future reference and easy contact.
One important step you should never skip is talking
to other new independent artistes enjoying good
airplay. Find out what their budget was.
At this point, you are armed with the basic
information you need. So the next step is to sit down
and check your bank account. You need to draw up a
financial plan for this. How much will it cost you to
move around (transport fare, or fuel money?) How
much are you willing or can afford to invest in each


you need to draw up a time table for this. You also
need to realize that this is not something to be
rushed. You also need to be consistent with radio
promotion, that’s why you need to draw up a time
table according to your budget.


So many emerging artistes are guilty of pushing
songs that are not ready for promotion. Before
rushing to waste your hard earned resources, you
need to ensure that the song you want to put on air
deserves to be on air! Have several industry
professionals listen to it and critique it. your
hommies most likely won’t tell you the truth, so
sample the opinions of trusted professionals first.


If you have NOT made your music available online,
then FORGET about investing the time and money
trying to get airplay. What’s the point? If a station
plays your song and people like your music – but
can’t find it in their favourite online music site – then
they can’t have access to your music. So get your
online promotion in place first!


Getting airplay on the top radio stations is not hard as it seems all what you need to do is just to take the right steps and let those that knows more about it help you out.
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